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All products of the company are manufactured on modern extrusion lines using an innovative technological process of plastic formation in a single stable profile. This technology allows to reduce the porosity and increase the service life of sheet piles, to increase the strength characteristics, to reduce the cost of production.

EPT PVC sheet piles are made from unplasticized, hard, impact-resistant polyvinyl chloride, resistant to aggressive environments. Polyvinyl chloride is an environmentally friendly and durable material, resistant to temperature changes, ultraviolet radiation. This material is also not subject to the processes of decay, corrosion and has high strength.


Sheet piling can be used as a filter barrier
between the water and the ground,
preventing the banks from undermining
the banks, and thus preventing danger of
landslides and landslides. It has been
proven that EPT PVC sheet piles are
effectively used in areas of constant
vibration load, which allows them to be
used to stabilize railway embankments.


Transport construction
— groundwater reservoirs;
— car roads;
— railways;
— abutments of bridges;
— ramps;
— tunnels.

Hydraulic engineering
— coastal walls;
— berthing facilities;
— dock facilities;
— impervious creeks;
— in port industrial zones.

Waterway construction
— expansion of waterways;
— strengthening the coast


EPT PVC sheet pile is very often
used on construction sites for
construction of protective structures,
it allows you to organize a safe
workplace for people and
equipment without additional costs.
The versatility, reliability and
practicality of PVC EPT sheet piles
ensure the effectiveness of their use in hydraulic structures and in transport construction.

Горизонтальный список
  • Wash away method
  • Vibro immersion
  • Digging under


Three basic methods are commonly
used to install sheet piles:


Wash away method
This method is applied in especially dense soil.
To soften the soil before installing sheet piles low
or high pressure water jet pumps are used.

Vibro immersion method
Sheet piles are mechanically immersed in the
ground using vibratory hammers along the
previously installed templates. One of
the advantages of this method is the
possibility of using a hydraulic hand tool, an
Atlas Copco LPD-HD-T hydraulic pile driver.

Digging under method
This method is used in the construction
of a pile wall with a small cavity, often in
stony soil. PVC piles are installed in the pit,
which is then filled on both sides with ballast
and then compacted. It is recommended to
mechanically and chemically make the soil
more dense.