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LLC "EPT-Plast"

LLC «EPT-Plast» is a professional, industrial, engineering company and one of the leading manufacturers of PVC sheet piles in Ukraine.

Our company provides a full range of services for the supply of sheet piles. We also provide technical consultations on the practical application of sheet piles in the different conditions.
LLC «EPT-Plast» applies modern European technologies and provides assistance in calculations and comparative analysis of the resistance of PVC walls to managers of the design organizations.
We provide these services both in finished projects and at the initial stage of design, choosing the type and schemes of vinyl piles.

The high quality of our products is a result of a good balance of modern technologies and materials that are used in production. The application ISO 9001 standard allows LLC «EPT-Plast» to provide and produce products of high European quality.

Each stage of the production has been
improved therefore LLC «EPT-Plast» can
clearly control production processes.

We cooperate only with suppliers who offer the raw materials of
the highest quality, confirmed by certificates.

Following strict procedural rules, we can guarantee high standards of our products. Only after careful control, our products go to the warehouse and then distribute to our customers.


PVC sheet piles EPT, LARSSEN sheet piles

PVC sheet piles EPT manufactured by LLC «EPT-Plast» are long piles up to 12m with a trapezoid cross-section. Segments are connected to each other by special locks (grooves), which are located along the edges of the walls. This gives the structure resistance to rupture and deformation. The construction of the piles is immersed in water forming a solid wall.

Сompany LLC «EPT-Plast» offers much more then selling reliable PVC sheet piles.

We offer design and full implementation of the project. Whether you are an engineer, designer or manager we can help you, with financial calculations, and with the choice of the correct technical characteristics of PVC sheet piles, as well as with projects and construction and assembly work related to bank protection, clearing of river channels, in building drainage canals, etc. Another impressive advantage is that our company has a large number
of construction equipment that will help in the implementation of your ambitious projects.